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“On the internet, anything can be real if you seize the power of your anonymity by the balls and make it so.” — Abraham Lincoln

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Authenticity and Empathy

Our Mean Team™ makes a point of understanding where your victim is coming from – their motivations, desires, and deepest fears – before they set to work destroying them. Our highly trained team of Private Investigators, led by the ever-sneaky and extremely charismatic ex-cop Tripp McDougan, will dig deep into your target’s inner world before setting any traps. That way, we’re always sure to hit ‘em where it hurts the most!

Cutting Edge Technology

We put the “cyber” back in “cyberbullying”! With a crew of the harshest hackers and nastiest nerds at our disposal, we can make anyone’s life unlivable with a few clicks of the keyboard. Our trademark DeepFake Technology can drag any scandalous perpetration from the dark annals of your imaginative fancy up into the unflattering fluorescent light of reality, and no one will be able to say “but that didn’t happen”, because now there’s video!

Results, Results, Results!

98% of our customers report extreme satisfaction with the fruits of our labor, and the other 2% are lying.