A Cacophony of Unsolicited Dick Pics

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They’re up at all hours, and your victim will be too! They’re dick pics – everyone’s favorite text message surprise (unless they’re a total prude – lighten up)! We’ll get a hold of your victim’s phone number, email address, Tinder account, and any other relevant social media accounts, and bombard them from all sides with photographs of penises. It’ll be so hilarious when they’re showing their mom a funny meme on their phone and “ding!” their mom sees a dick! HAHA! So funny, right!? We think so too. So funny.

2 reviews for A Cacophony of Unsolicited Dick Pics

  1. Richard Eastman-Kodak

    When I ordered the cacophony of dick pics, I was uncertain as to whether I’d be burned, as similar services only delivered what I’d consider to be a plethora of dick pics at best. Fret not. This is like a Costco sized pallet of dick picks. The variety was impressive too. Smooth, bumpy, clean shaven, hairy, curved, straight. No stone was left unturned. Needless to say, going forward this will be my go to for future text images of male genitals.

    • tormentorsrus

      We go to great lengths sourcing high-quality dick pic material. Thanks to customers like you we can continue offering this invaluable service. Thanks for your support bro!

  2. Jon

    All it takes is a cell phone number nowadays to open you up to unsolicited dick pics. Easy enough. Give your number out, and wait. But what are you waiting for? Not all dick pics are created equally. It’s a numbers game and finally the spread is covered. Good, bad, crooked, weird, skinny, short, fat, long but somehow not good, and the ever anticipated fucking perfect dick- they are all in this package. 10/10 from this happy customer.

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