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Ah, the future: a place where video editing is so advanced and precise that savvy and brutal nerds like the ones in our Technology Department can create and release a convincing video of any person doing anything. Our Deepfake Video Technology allows us to seamlessly replace any face in any video with the face of your enemy, proving to the world that they are depraved, immoral, violent, or just generally embarrassing. Give us a specific video request, a general theme, or let us run wild with creativity! High quality deepfake videos are a tried and true way to ruin someone’s life. You’ll be satisfied by the mayhem your custom Tormentors R Us Deep Fake will cause – guaranteed!

1 review for Deepfake Videos

  1. Cunty

    Tormentors displayed untold creativity in stitching up my professional rival to look like a 5G conspiracy theorist goon. That dumb bitch will never live it down, and now that I’ve been handed the promotion, the upper echelons await. Worth every penny

    • tormentorsrus

      Fuck yeah! We operation #ruintheirlife complete!

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