Endless Spam Mail

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Here’s the service that will have your enemies saying, “how did Weight Watchers get my address? Do they think I’m fat?” Answer: They got it from us! And so did the Trappistine Candy Company, J. Crew, Comcast, Victoria’s Secret, Athleta, Old Navy, DSW Shoes, and more! Your victim’s mailbox will be constantly full of useless paper destined straight for the recycle bin (we know your enemy is a bleeding heart lib who cares about using too much paper and will totally hate this), and so will your heart with the knowledge of their constant annoyance and confusion!

1 review for Endless Spam Mail

  1. Frank Jones

    I was getting so tired of my roommate. He got so much snail mail, as though it matters, we all know the world is digital now. But cookies from his parents, pen pals for Africa, birthday cards from friends, and even, I don’t know, like cards from friends that weren’t even tied to some event. He’d parade them around and I didn’t even really care, but it was annoying.

    When I heard about Tormentors’R’Us Endless Spam Mail, I knew that $75 was a great way to get back at my roommate for parading around his archaic form of popularity. Now he’s sooo popular! As many as 50 pieces of mail a day, advertising expired deals for the spa, grocery store, credit checks, so much useless junk. And he opens and reads every SINGLE one. I’ve told him he can’t keep putting them in the recycling, it’s taking up too much space. I’ve never been so happy.

    Since the USPS mail-sorter snafu, mail has slowed down, but I know, one day soon, USPS will come back full swing and thousands of backlogged spam mail will be pushed through our door. I hope it’s on Christmas Day!

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