Glitter Bomb

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What’s beloved but hated, sparkling but filthy, gets everywhere but is hard to find all of, and comes in the mail straight to your victim’s home address? GLITTER! Order a glitter bomb for a mild to moderate annoyance that’ll leave your victim sparkling with anger and confusion for days. They open the box and POOF! Glitter everywhere! Hope they didn’t like that sweater, or their dog, cuz they’re permanently covered in tiny shiny plastic now. A Glitter Bomb is a mostly harmless (except to the fish and birds who eat the microplastics that make up glitter) way to ruin your victim’s day, and their washing machine.

3 reviews for Glitter Bomb

  1. Melanie

    u should use biodegradible glitter

    • tormentorsrus

      Never you uppity lib-girl. Get off our website you wet blanket snuggling tree hugger.

  2. George

    I sent a large glittery cardboard penis to a former work colleague. Glitter went everywhere – and he never really knew where it came from. Revenge is a dish best served with sticky, tiny glitter and a large cardboard penis. Thanks Tormentors R Us, for helping me give that douche the shaft.

    • tormentorsrus

      George, your inclusion of the giant cardboard penis was legendary! We can’t wait to see what other epic customizations our excellent customers will dream up. Keep it up and remember to always rock out with your cock out dude!

  3. Jessica

    I’ve sent other glitter bombs that were cheaper but didn’t leave as much of a lasting mess as I had hoped. I sent one of these to my father in law to piss off my mother in law and it has been the gift that keeps on giving. My mother in law is furious that my FIL received glitter from someone (she assumes a lady friend from work ) and picks a fight with him every time she sees a sparkle. They’re talking about getting new carpet it is so engrained. It has given me great joy to see glitter still lingering every time I have to go to their house. That’s what she gets for wearing white to my wedding.

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