Neverending Facebook Debate

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For the person in your life who doesn’t totally deserve to have their life ruined, but who definitely deserves a few sleepless nights of anxiety and distraction while holding down a days-long Facebook debate with a deranged troll full of backwards ideas. You bring the libtard, we’ll bring the endless parade of nonsensical ideas and hateful vitriol!

1 review for Neverending Facebook Debate

  1. Brittney Brohs

    “In These Uncertain Times” its super sucks ballz that you can’t drunkenly word-spar with your friends IRL anymore, fueled by cases of Natty Lite and general disdain for humanity. Services like this are necessary to still piss them off in our sad, virtual shells of what used to be Life™.

    • tormentorsrus

      You totally get what we’re putting down. You’re clearly one of those cool lady-bros!

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