Singing Telegram of Hate

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We’re bringing back a time-honored tradition from the olden days when people had to go to each other’s houses to say things to each other. People used to send entire bands of musicians to each other’s houses to tell them that they were in love, or stand outside with a boombox, or even send a person on a horse or something to deliver a message. We at Tormentors R Us will be that person on a horse or something on your behalf, for a price. We’ll contract with only the best and brightest in the music industry to deliver your enemy an old timey message of hate and rudeness. They’ll be so impressed and offended at all the time you put into handcraft such a heartfelt and blaringly loud declaration of nastiness!

1 review for Singing Telegram of Hate

  1. Rachel

    Like that one scene in clue except people cry. #loveit

    • tormentorsrus

      Yeah! Singing is the best way to #ruintheirlife

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